Monday, May 5, 2008

Island Life Giveaway

Can I just say how much I love new jewelry? I LOVE NEW JEWELRY!!! When I am asked about what I want for bdays or holidays, my standard answer is "I don't know but any jewelry is good!" JEWELRY is a girl's best friend...along with Target and Starbucks! ;) Island Life's Kailani has a new post up about a jewelry giveaway that is out of this world!! This week up for giveaway is some pieces by the fabulous and famous Twisted Silver (which I absolutely love...Go on over to her place and check out the giveaway - and the Twisted Silver link.

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Abby's dad said...

Hi, thanks for checking out 65lbs! We live in Elkridge, in Howard County. Thanks for your support and feel free to blog about my page and tell everyone you know!

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