Saturday, May 3, 2008

Family Pictures are like... pulling teeth!

Literally, like pulling teeth! Neither of my men really ENJOY having their pictures taken (surprise, surprise!) but today we went to Picture People and used the last of the free sheets I had on my club card. Our photo session lasted about 25 minutes or so before the little one decided that he had enough. The photographer was fantastic and kept his attention really well. You'll notice that in 2 of the pictures Abraham has his new yellow Mustang from Mimi in his hand. There was no putting it down. I managed to get it out of his hand for one picture - much to his dismay! So both men lived thru the "torture" and came out unscathed!! These are the ones that we bought today.

I really do like Picture People. They have great deals and are always giving away sheets - their coupons are everywhere! I highly recommend them for pictures of any kind.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

VERY cute! I love them all!

Paul & Linda said...


All these pics are SOOOOO good!!! I had to chuckle at seeing the little yellow Mustang in Abraham's hand in one of those pics! You ALL take such a great picture! Hard to decide which one I want...but I think the one with my Sugar and his Mustang gotta be mine!! Would love to see you win that 5 minwithmom contest! That pic of you, Abraham, and Moses is a favorite of mine as well!
all my love to the moon & beyond, Momma

Kate said...

Ha Ha Ha! I love 'em...where's mine??! btw, I just love Mike's face in the dark background one...the girl must have said something 'funny'!! :D