Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Winner!

Ok folks... now I normally don't post about the TV shows that I'm watching even tho I'm addicted to LOST and lovin' The Office... but after tonights American Idol finale I feel as though I need to put my 2 cents in.

First off, there were parts of that 2 hour show that were seriously painful for me. I mean really, is there any need to stretch it out for 2 hours??? I get the whole "let the final 12 sing together" thing but good grief... some of it was completely cheesy! I did however actually enjoy Jordin Sparks singing as well as George Michael, believe it or not! He still sounds good after all this time.

But the highlight of the 2 hour show was seeing David Cook - who quite frankly is THE MAN! - win it all! Was there ever any doubt about the winner? Not for me or my sister (check her out here) He has such a great voice and is just an all over nice guy. I look forward to hearing an album by him - Sorry Archuleta I wouldn't buy yours!

My faith in AI has been restored because after the win of Taylor Hicks I thought for sure I'd never watch it again. Blake (last years winner) and David Cook have made it all better for me!

Just thought I'd share!!
PS. David looks MUCH better with more facial hair!

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Kate said...

yay yay yay yay yay!!!!! whoooopppin it up, girl! TWELVE MILLION VOTE difference...heck ya! We were RIGHT, DOESN'T IT FEEL GOOD TO SAY THAT??!!!