Thursday, March 15, 2007

Prayer Requests

I have 2 Prayer Requests of those of you who actually read this blog!

1. What got me remembering my NICU experience is a friend of mine. 3 weeks ago she gave birth to her son, at 25 + weeks. It was necessary to deliver him early as she had a tumor that was growing as the baby grew. Because he was so tiny, his lungs weren't completely developed. He is really struggling tonight. As the Father brings them to mind, please pray for them.
Mandy and Tom Windgate and the baby is Connor.

2. There is a new family at school that has a son in first grade. Mom is fighting for her life against acute leukemia. She is presently in Hopkins and will be there for some time. Dad is left with a new job and 2 young boys to care for. Please pray for this family as they come to mind.
Uebersax family - Sue, Carson (6 yrs old), Tucker (4 yrs old) and Dad (not sure of his name)

Thank you for lifting up these dear ones before the Throne of Grace.

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