Sunday, March 4, 2007

Day at Port Discovery


Our Lil' soccer player

Hey this isn't a real sandbox - that's not funny!

Can you find me in here?

Alex, Chloe, Abraham and Momma
Abraham and Momma

This past Sunday Kari and I and the kids went to downtown Baltimore to Port Discovery. This is where I turned in the $1,160.24 that the students at RFE collected for Hopkins Childrens Center. We were given 4 free tickets for Port Discovery as a thank you. So we spent the day chasing 3 very active kids. Talk about tiring! They had WAY TOO much energy! We really enjoyed spending some time together and just playing.

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Kate said...

YEAH WE DID...girl, we "earned our jewels in heaven"...LOVE YOU like no other! :)