Friday, February 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Ok so I'm new to this but thought it was pretty cool. I can't think of anything original so my 13 is...

Thirteen things I love about being a mom to Abraham

1. I Love that I get to enjoy him and his smile every day.

2. I Love the way that he reaches for me from his crib in the mornings.

3. I Love the way that he cuddles with me at night before bed.

4. I Love the way that he plays with Michael.

5. I Love his belly laughs!

6. I Love the way he claps his sweet hands in pure happiness with himself.

7. I Love the light in his eyes when he splashes in the bathtub - we both love bathtime!

8. I Love how he is growing into such a big boy considering how tiny he was starting out.

9. I Love how inquisitive he is and how focused he is on playing.

10. I Love that he is my little "Vaccuum cleaner" finding all the stuff on the carpet.

11. I Love all the funny faces he makes.

12. I Love riding in the car with him and singing together!

13. I Love hearing him talk and laugh to himself when he is playing alone.


amy said...

What a wondeful post. I can tell Abraham brings you joy..I love beely laughs

Robyn Mills said...

You sound like a wonderful Mom. Don't think these are unimaginative sharing your love of your child is a wonderful gift. It brings back memories of my own children.

Mama Kelly said...

Oh I remember those times well... my girls are now 7 and 12 and I admit freely to wanting to shrink them back down to babies from time to time

Welcome to the world of THursday 13


Mama Kelly

Kate said...

Aw, so sweet Rin!! Babe-a-ham, Auntie KK loves you TOO!!! :)

Maggie said...

Bathtime is always great. I remember those times.

Happy TT