Sunday, December 28, 2008

We opened Christmas presents from Gramie and Grandpa as well as Grandma Kay and all Abraham's aunts and uncles first. Then Abraham tore into the ones from us! He got great books and some clothes, DVD's and cars... but the two favorite gifts were the keyboard from Gramie and Grandpa (piano if you ask him!) and his Rockin' guitar from us. What were we thinking?? He definitely has Michael's affinity for anything musical! My dad nearly bought him a kid sized drum set -- wouldn't that have been great?? NOT!! :)

I think that Pappa enjoyed the keyboard as much as Abraham did! The best thing about the keyboard is you can plug in headphones and no one else has to hear the noise!! :)

Abraham "shaking his bom-bom"!

A happy family on Christmas day -- we all got something we wanted for Christmas!

My wonderful sweet men

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