Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making cookies -- of sorts...

So, today was supposed to be a baking day. I had it in my head to make Heath cookies for Michael to take to the guys at the fly fishing store as well as make chocolate chip cookies. Things did not go as planned. Abraham and I had a good time putting together the dough for the chocolate chip ones - and that, I guess, was what the day was all about... because it certainly wasn't about the cookies!!

They turned out horrible!! I'm so embarassed by how badly they turned out... I'd take a picture but no thanks! They were flat and stuck to the cookie tray. I did it all correctly -- the only thing that I can think of is that there is something wrong with my trays. Grrr...

Luckily, some of the Heath cookies were still good enough for Michael to take tomorrow. But as for the rest, well I gave up on them about 9 pm tonight -- after starting at 11 this morning.
I'm definitely ready to throw in the towel on today and go to bed!! :)

My sweet boy and me

Abraham kept wanting to put his fingers in the bowl of dough while I was mixing! He apparently didn't get that the spinning beaters would take his tiny fingers off!! :)

Just like his momma - gotta lick the beaters!!


Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Baking cookies is on my agenda for today! I would have eaten yours anyways after all they contained chocolate. Enjoy your last two days of school.

Garden Girl said...

Been doin' a little bit of cookie baking myself! Sure looks like you had MUCH more fun!