Sunday, December 28, 2008

After Christmas at our place, we went to my mom's for lunch and for more present opening. We were blessed to be able to share the day with my Aunt Hazel, Pap, Pat (Pap's fiancee) and my Uncle Scott. They came down from PA to spend Christmas with us. It was so nice to be together, altho my heart was missing my sweet Nanny and Moses.

Pat, Pap and Aunt Hazel

Opening presents with Uncle Socky

More presents!!

Cousin love!!

Michael picked this cool Batman car for Alex for Christmas and then showed them how to make a ramp in the hallway for it to jump. A total kid at heart! Alex loved running it over the ramp... at one point Chloe laid down in the hallway and put the cardboard over her so the car would "run over her!"

Ahh.. can you feel the love!!??

Abraham says "NO MORE PICTURES!!"

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