Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas decorating

Getting a Christmas tree is always an issue in our home... mainly because Michael hates getting the tree holder out and making the tree stand straight and figuring out the lights. Other than that he doesn't have to do ANYTHING!! Big Baby! :) We hit Lowes for an inexpensive tree -- I refused to pay $50 for a tree. When Abraham gets older we'll go and cut one at a farm.. until then, Lowes will do!!

Abraham thought he'd try and help Daddy -- yea that didn't go over too well!

Abraham and I decorated the tree together and he was a great helper. We were making memories for sure! He insisted on putting a good many ornaments on the top of the tree, which meant I had to pick him up to do so. That was great fun for him... as was crawling under the tree to put the heavy ones on the bottom stronger branches.
When we were done he proclaimed, "That is a beautiful tree Mommy!"

Last year, my parents bought us a small tree in memory of Moses. I wanted to do the same thing this year, too. (They got us a beautiful pointsettia this time.) Abraham and I decorated this one for Moses with some smaller ornaments. If you ask Abraham how many trees we have, he'll say TWO - one for Moses and the BIG one for me!!

Moses' Christmas tree

Christmas decorating - the pointsettia in the window was from my parents.

Our beautiful Christmas tree -- there is something relaxing about turning off the lights and just looking at the tree! Ahhh...

I am blessed!

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