Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Addition to the Mc Andrew Household

It finally happened... the Schmidts talked the Mc Andrews into getting a puppy for the kids. After nearly a year of asking for a puppy, Alex and Chloe are now proud owners of Quincy - a dog they rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio. He is an adorable cockapoo with a sweet disposition. They just got him last weekend and Kari says that they haven't left his side! He is just a puppy and is still "learning the rules"! It will take some time but it will come. Abraham of course, had to get in on the puppy as well! (I think I beat my sister to the punch with blogging about the whole thing first! Make sure you check our her blog to see new pics too!)

My silly boy decided to get IN the cage and pretend to be the puppy! What an imagination!! :)

1 comment:

Garden Girl said...

It is amazing he can even get in there!
I will have to pop over for a puppy fix myself! She looks really sweet.