Saturday, June 23, 2007

Swimming Fun with Re Re

Momma and Abraham swimming

Having fun with Aunt K

Kari with Chloe

Alex the little fish, sorry shark! (His goggles have shark teeth on them and he insisted on being called a shark! Good grief - that is what you get from a 6 yr old)

Abraham ready to swim (the suit stayed on for about 10 minutes and he decided it was to restrictive so I put his "real" suit on)

Our apartment has a decent sized pool that we haven't used much since living here. But this year we are determined to have Kari and the kids over more often to enjoy it with us. Now that Abraham is old enough to enjoy the water! They came over the other day with Kari's mother in law, Dian and my mom and the kids. Abraham lasted about 30 minutes then Mimi took him in for a nap (and only after he fell and knocked his noggin on the cement!). Alex stayed in for nearly 2 hours - definitely a little fish. He did so good with his face in the water. As for Chloe, Kari just found out this week that her leg could get wet and that she could swim with it. This just THRILLED Chloe and her first thought was "I go swimming at Re Re's house!". Smart girl. She did fantastic with her leg. We had thought it might weigh her down but she was amazing - kicking like a mad woman and loving every minute of it.


Gilpatriclife said...

That looks like fun. I want to go swimming at ReRe's! So glad that Chloe is learning she can do more with her new leg. Its great to see her doing so well. She is such a strong little girl. Hope Abe didn't get too hurt with his fall. Enjoy the summer with the kids.

Kate said...

Ooooh, GOOD picts!!! We are YOU in them, though? Is that what you're waiting for? ;) Hmm...have to get my picts on the puter, I'll send mine to you. They turned out great!!! What a FUN FUN super FUN day that was...thank you for sharing your pool with us! :D We love you Re Re!!! We love you Babeaham!!

Melissa said...

I so enjoy seeing the pictures from the sisters and cousins enjoying spending time together. Can't wait to have you all here for a visit!!