Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Swim Class

Ready to go swimming! Like the lobsters on my swim trunks??

Momma and me before we got in the pool

Momma and me after my class - I was not interested in having my picture taken. It was TOO cold!!

Helping G-dad eat his ice cream! Ummm, Yummy!!

Well, tonight Abraham and I did it! We had our first Mommy and Me swim class. And let me just tell you how much the boy LOVED the water and being in the pool. This boy is a born fish. He didn't want to do what the other kids were doing.. he was doing his darndest to wiggle out of my arms and to do his own thing in the water. He was more interested in getting out of the pool and jumping back in than anything!!This was a great idea for him. I know that he'll continue to love it.

My dad graciously joined us tonight so that we could have some video and pictures of it for the blog and for our GA family. Abe and I decided that G-dad needed to be treated for his video-ography so we took him to his favorite dessert place - DAIRY QUEEN!! Abraham helped G-dad down the Mud Slide Sundae - then he proceeded to eat part of my Blizzard. Hey, if you have food you are this kid's best friend!!

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Melissa said...

I enjoy seeing the kids in the water and their reaction to it. I am sure he had a ball and now will want to go swimming all the time. Go G-dad for his wonderful pictures!