Sunday, May 24, 2009

We love our CRABS!!

Each time Scott and Tracy visit, there is only one request made -- crabs! Scott loves them and as you can imagine, doesn't get them in Pittsburgh! So to beat the crowds, we headed out yesterday for our 3 dozen Old Bay seasoned crabs!! Yummy!

Only one problem with getting the crabs -- we have created monsters in our children who have ALL decided that they LOVE crabs, even if they are yucky to look at! :) They practically BEGGED for crabs -- go figure. They were seriously driving us buggy, until Kari sat down with them and gave her 2 kiddos a lesson on how to crack and eat a crab. I wish I had a picture of that one! It was too much!

Funny man trying to help me eat my crab!

My little "crabby monster"
(please ignore my bright red arms - that is what I get for putting sunscreen on Abraham and not me - then sitting out in the sun for 3 hours! DUMB!)

Sucking the meat out of the leg -- it's an art people!! :)

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