Sunday, May 24, 2009

Girls Day/Night Out -- Kenny Chesney Concert

So, Friday was THE day -- we girls went shopping and Kari and I treated Mom to lunch for Mother's Day. We had a great time just laughing and talking, without the kids tagging along.

Then we headed to Merriwether Post Pavillion to see KENNY!! We left a little later then we had intended but we refused to hurry, since we had seats that no one was gonna take!
Let's just say that the line up getting off the highway was massive... we had to park like 2 miles away (not really but it seemed that way!) and then once we got there we had to wait in a line that was another 2 miles long (for real!).

Now, keep in mind that the last time we were here it was 2 years ago -- and they didn't check bags. They were apparently checking bags this time and we didn't realize it. And as we were standing in the 2 mile long line, there was a sign about cameras. We didn't think anything of it until we got to the gate and the guy looked in our bag, asked if "those" were cameras -- to which we said YES -- to which he said we couldn't take them in. Um.. WHAT?? Do you remember that I said we parked like 2 miles away?? I replied "Since when?" He said something about Kenny questioning the cameras -- what?? Not KENNY!!??

Needless to say, Kari's solution was to hide the cameras in the woods. As we stood there debating what to do... we scooted through since the throngs were pushing us forward and we were very obviously holding things up. We ended up hanging on to the cameras and just decided that we "wouldn't" use them --- that is until we saw the 3,000 other people who smuggled in their cameras using them in plain sight.
Therefore, these would be the few CONTRABAND pictures that we got out of my camera before the dang batteries died on me. :) Oh well, you win some, you lose some!
PS. The show was FANTASTIC!! Kenny sang for nearly 2 hours straight. No wonder he's gotten Entertainer of the Year so many times!!

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