Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some people...

Forgive me whilst I vent a minute... people who smoke are I.D.I.O.T.S!!
So tonight we are watching the American Idol finale and smelling smoke. We check the stove, dryer, incense... nothing. I walk over to the living room window, which is at ground level and tell Michael that is where I smell the smoke. He immediately jumps up and says "The mulch!" What? Mulch can catch fire?? Well, of course it can -- especially when someone throws a cigarette on it and it's dry!! Holy crap!
We were just gonna throw water on it but after kicking it a bit, Michael saw that it went pretty deep. Enter the Bel Air Fire Department! Needless to say Abraham was very excited. They hosed it down really well -- even let Abraham hold the hose! (missed that picture!)
We have complained about all the smoking and cigarette throwing going on at our apartments for a good year now. Having a "fire" this close to our home, really makes us angry! What the heck?? And you can bet your bottom dollar that I called the office and expressed my concern and unhappiness. Maybe this will get "them" kicked out... I hope so.

As soon as Abraham heard that the firemen were coming, he ran to get his hat and his outfit. I managed to get him to only take the hat outside as he watched the water truck and the guy put out the fire! He had an exciting night!

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Garden Girl said...

Glad you are all ok!
But I must say, Abraham going out to that is just too funny!
We are in Massachusetts until tomorrow and will come home. We have seen some lovely places.
love you,