Friday, August 24, 2007

War Wounds are Cool!! :)

Showing off his "owie"!

Momma and her tough boy

Proud of his war wounds!

Yea so we (mom and Kari mostly) had a little fun today - and I say "fun" with all the sarcasm in the world! Our little man took a tumble off of mom's couch and banged his head on the coffee table. He got a gash that needed 3-5 stitches. Poor thing! But he was a trooper during it all and now has his first war wounds to prove how tough he is!! Mimi, on the other hand, looked like she could have used a stiff drink after the day was done... Kari too! My poor family - what would I do without them!!?? They were great in the face of adversity - cool, calm and collected. Way to go guys!!


Gilpatriclife said...

What a cute little guy. So sorry your family had to go through that with him, but he looks fine. What a tough little one he is. Hugs little one.

Mel said...

What trooper he is! We have been lucky and haven't experienced the stitches yet...knocking on all wood in the house!! It looks like you all came through it together and that band-aid looks very stylish on his forehead :-)

Kate said...

Lord, well if we were 'calm'...I'd hate to see what FRANTIC looked like!!! :{ So glad that little Bubba is doing well and that it wasn't more serious. I just KNEW you'd post picts about this...sigh, nothing is safe with you! :D LOVE YA! LOVE YOU Bubba!!

natenemily said...

Even when he's hurt he sure knows how to smile so cute. He's getting so big! He looked so cute in the picture with his daddy at the river. Looked like they had matching shoes.