Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Chloe Abigail!

Chloe's birthday was the 26th of July but we just had her party this past Sunday. It was complete with pink balloons and a Princess theme - surprise, surprise! It was even more special for her and for the family because Timmy and Karen Moonsammy were able to be there to celebrate with us. Timmy and Karen were partners with Joel and Kari when they were in Paupa New Guinea. These dear ones are very special friends of J & K and the kids as well. They saw J & K through some mountains and valleys so they have a very tight bond as sisters and brothers. I was so excited to finally meet them... so it was neat to have them at Chloe's b-day party.

Chloe and her b-day cake. The girl knew just what to do with the candles - blow them out and then lick them off!!

Tornado Chloe - she tore into her gifts like they were going to run away!

Chloe loves to dress up - Her other aunt got her a cheerleader outfit complete with light up pom poms!

Abraham was very interested in the lights in the pom poms - not in the actual pom poms themselves - don't worry!

Kari and Karen

Joel and Timmy

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Oregon Criss's said...

I appreciate your pics today of your little Abraham. With my Ella being so fresh out of the NICU it is so encouraging to see how well your little buddy is growing and developing! Very Fun!
~debi criss~ (friend of Kari)