Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So D-day has arrived. I start back to school tomorrow.. summer is officially over :(
That sounds so depressing I know ! But really, I think that I'm finally ready to get back to the routine and schedule of school. The only thing that I always hate is leaving Abraham. Harder still, our favorite day care provider decided she needed to spend time with her little girl and is not doing day care this year. We are very sad about this because we loved her but it meant that we had to find a new day care provider to watch Abraham. It was a complete God thing, and I mean COMPLETELY - but we have found another day care provider that I feel really good about. She is a parent of a student I had 2 yrs ago and I absolutely loved them then. Abraham and I visited her home this week and within 15 minutes of being there he was playing and laughing with the other kids. He will be just fine with Miss Shellie!

I'm a bit nervous about this year. Lots of firsts for me... I will have a student intern from the local university, I'm still in the process of taking my Masters, and I might be taking a class from the county. But I'm sure that it will all work out just fine. I have a great support system who always encourage me and push me. I'll be ok!

Thanks for your prayers as I start this new year in my "mission field". I have the privilege of teaching these little lives and impacting them. What an honor and a responsibility that is. I pray that I am able to be the teacher, cheerleader and role model they need.


Mel said...

It's about time you joined the party!! I know how hard it is to leave the kids. I am glad that you feel comfortable about where Abraham will be staying. It makes it so much easier when they are happy. Good luck starting school and I hope you count me as one of those people who are hear to give you a push. It is going to be a great year!!!

Gretchen said...

Just wanted to give you a shout out... Know that you are in our prayers and thoughts as you start this school year. You are right it is YOUR "mission field". These little ones will be our leaders, mothers, fathers, teachers, workmen. "Teach them the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it" You have a great blessing. Thanks for all that you do to help the next generation, and for being that Godly example that they are searching for!!!!
gretchen :)