Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ok, my true love shows thru... how embarassing! :)

Abraham in his big boy shoes!

Aren't they the cutest things??!!

This is now his favorite thing to do - climb on the chair and then on to the desk to try to "help" me use the computer!

I'm guilty. I admit it. I have a serious addiction to... SHOES!! Not only for me, but for the boy as well. So, last week we realized that Abraham needed new shoes. I mean the kid is really growing and his foot is bigger than I realized. We kept shoving his feet into size 4 shoes but in reality he needed to be in 5's. He had these too cute Vans with green snakes all over them that I absolutely hated to not be able to put on him... selfish I know! Anyhow, long story short we traded in the blue Airwalks for black ones with a pirate on them! And got these New Balance. I look at him in them and tear up - he looks like such a little man! My baby is growing up! I know, I know.. get a grip Erinn! They are just shoes! Good grief...

Can't believe I'm posting this but I felt it would be good to admit my weakness :)

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Mel said...

Zoe probably has as many shoes as I do and the only reason that Dylan doesn't is because he refuses to try them on. I don't think he has taken his Crocs off all summer! I hear you on the shoes and understand completely!