Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Helping Momma Clean!!

I was cleaning up the apartment the other day and he was watching me very intently as I dusted with my Swiffer. I put it down and he decided that he knew what to do so he walked around the house "dusting" too! It was great!! Let's just hope that he continues to be a good cleaner - to help me out!
(Cleaning is NOT one of the things I enjoy!) Now if I can only get him to learn to run the vaccum cleaner... hmm??!!


Gilpatriclife said...

Teach them young. Anna has been "doing" laundry since she was 9 months old. She was just learning to stand and there she was helping put the clothes in the dryer. She does vaccum now, so it is possible. Isaac, well, I guess you could just say he's a boy and there is just no hope for him! LOL!

Paul & Linda said...

OK, so now I know how to keep the boy busy when he comes to Mimi's house!!! Between Abraham and Alex, I should have a spotless house!!! These are great pics! And who said that if MOM didn't have a picture of an event it never happened??? For all the ribbing I have taken, I think a replacement for me has been found!! TWO, in fact!