Friday, May 4, 2007

Praise and Prayer Request

I posted a while ago about a sweet baby boy who was born at 26 weeks to a friend of mine, Mandy. I recently got an updated email that said he is doing really well. He is 10 weeks old and has doubled his birth weight! He has been on and off of the respirator but they are working to get him on the CPAP like our boys were on. This is a HUGE answer to prayer for this family. Thanks for praying.

And another prayer request for a little one - a friend from work, Karolyn, has a friend who gave birth to a boy 4 months ago who had Down's Syndrome. He was not early like our boys were but he had the same heart condition that Moses had. The doctors recently informed the parents that he needed the heart surgery and that there was a chance the baby would not survive because his lungs were weak. Yesterday he went in for open heart surgery. He came thru the surgery which is a big deal. And they were taking him off of the heart lung by-pass as well. I don't know this little ones name or his parents names, but if the Father brings them to mind please do lift them before the Throne. I do not know if they know the Father or not.

Thanks so much for your prayers!

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