Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back to School I GO!

Well, I have finally decided to go back to school to get my Master's Degree. I am taking the degree online thru a school called Walden Univ. The concentration I have chosen is Technology in the Classroom. The first week has gone well, and been relatively easy. I don't know what the rest of the class has in store for me but if you think about me, please pray! Pray that the school mind set will come back quickly and that I'll be able to balance work, school and home well.
Thanks a bunch!


Oregon Criss's said...

I'm a friend of Kari's from NTBI and popped over for the first time today to 'visit' you. She sure does love you and its so beautiful to read about!
Your blogs encouraging and fun to read! My first boy- Wyley was born at 29 weeks, and he's huge and healthy now! My second boy Kaleb was born at 30.5 weeks, and he too is healthy and huge. Now I'm on strict bedrest at 27 weeks (been down for a month) with my long awaited GIRLIE and am trying so hard to hold off her delivery! I too usually do March of Dimes though this year I was down, and understand your heart in greatfulness to God for His amazing grace in the circumstances around our children. Its nice to 'find' someone else who's 'been there, done that!'. We're to expect NICU life again with this girl. Doc says he's 90% hopeful I'll get to 30 weeks- wouldn't that be SO nice! We've done 6 weeks for Wyley in NICU and 4 weeks for Kaleb. I'm really praying our Miss Ella will be the easier one :)
Anyway- such a long note for a stranger, but I just wanted to say 'hi' and its been an uplifting read!
If you get the chance, hug that wonderful sister of yours for me!
~debi criss~ from Oregon

Gilpatriclife said...

So proud of you for going back to school. You will do great. Keep me posted on your progress. Know that I am praying for you.

Melissa said...

You go girl...I am so proud. We will have to set up a summer visit for you guys to come down so the boys can go fishing and we can head to the beach! You will need a break after this first class. Technology sounds fun. They were my favorite classes. Remember I am here for you when you need a pick me up!

Melissa said...

Hey girl! I have been trying to email you to check in to see how things are going with your master's. I am not sure if you have received my emails or not so just let me know if all is well or if not what I can do to help!!! Praying all is well!