Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Mom with her bracelet and angel

Me, Mom and Kari

Happy Mother's Day to me... and to all moms. I had a good day with my men and then with my momma. Michael and Abe took me out for lunch and then we walked around Barnes and Noble for a bit. We came home and I actually got a nap! I made dinner for the family - lasagne. We had dinner over at my moms and gave her the gifts then too. She of course loved them. She collects the Willow Tree angels and she is a sucker for unusual jewelry. So we got both!

It was a good day for me to reflect on what being a mommy means - I think I had a little bit of a clue about it from watching my mom and sister. But you just don't really know until you have lived it. I have learned that being mommy means sacrifice (of course!) It means you have dirty clothes but your child is neat and clean. It means that your house is a mess because you are spending time with the kids. It means a lack of sleep. It means lots of hugs, smiles and belly laughs. It means hearing "Momma" 1,000 times a day and loving each time! Being a mom is the highest calling I will ever have. It is also the biggest responsibility I'll ever have as well. I'm so blessed to be Mommy to 2 boys - one an angel with Jesus and one here on earth. Abraham is my world and I'd do anything for him. God has been so good to me with his life in mine. And I'm so grateful for that privilege of being his mommy. Thanks Father!

Kisses for my little man!

Happy Mother's Day!!

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