Friday, May 4, 2007

Our apartment - Before and After - Finally home!

Our Beautiful Mess!!

Abraham tried to paint a few times!

Helping Daddy push the couch

Before and After

We have talked for a while about painting the God awful white hospital walls in our apartment. We have lived here for going on 6 years and I'm sick of it! So we decided that before I started my Masters this week we should paint. What a long and horrible experience that was! We painted all Friday night, all day Saturday (thanks to Aunt K for watching Abe for part of the day!), most of Sunday and we just finished tonight, a week later. It's hard to describe the colors but they are blue toned. Like a grey-blue in the hallway and the darker color is more like a purply-blue brown. Like I said - hard to describe!

As much as we hated it, it looks really good. We installed track lights and a new dining room light to update the look and added other things to the bedroom as well. It looks like "home" and I'm happy!!

I just thought that I'd post a few pics of our masterpiece.

Living Room all done

Bedroom all done

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Melissa said...

Looks great...will you come do my house next? I love the instant gratification of painting, but loathe the time it takes to get it done.