Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mother's Day Pictures

Kari and I have started a tradition with our kids for Mother's Day. Last year we decided to have the kids pictures taken at Picture People and give that to our mom/Mimi for Mother's Day.
So we went to the mall to get the kids pictures taken today. I LOVE Picture People! Not only did the photographer really work well with all 3 kids, but she let Kari and I get in the picture with the kids. Wouldn't you know it? That is the picture that we got for Mom? Of course we are still waiting to see if we can post it on our blogs since it was a 10 x 13!!
Just wanted to share the pictures with everyone - so y'all could see what CUTE kids we have! :)

My little man, Abraham, 18 months old

BIG man, Alex, almost 6 years old

Princess Chloe, almost 4 years old

All 3 of our angels

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