Sunday, April 25, 2010

Would you be my Neighbor?

On the weekends, everybody comes out to play in the lot next to our house and they often bring their dogs. There are quite a few BIG dogs in the neighborhood but that doesn't seem to phase Clancy. I think he thinks he is one of them! He gets right in the mix and plays. Miles (black lab) doesn't care much for Clancy but Chester doesn't mind him in the least! It's fun to watch them play.

Clancy and the stick that is 3 times his size!

Clancy and Miles - Clancy is CONSIDERING taking the stick from Miles.. changed his mind shortly after!

Clancy and Chester

Eleanor is one of the twins from next door that Abraham enjoys playing with.

Ruthie is the big sister from next door - only a month older than Abraham. They get along well.

Do you REALLY have to take more pictures mom? Yes son, I do!

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