Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day in Havre de Grace

Abraham and I got to go to one of Alex's lacrosse games in Havre de Grace today. It was a beautiful day, although a bit windy. It is for certain that Alex has found his athletic niche in lacrosse. He isn't afraid to get hit AND to hit and get right in the middle of the pile fighting for the ball! Guess fighting with Chloe served him well! We were so proud of him and can't wait to go and see him play again.

A proud momma and her boy

We hit the playground down by the marina for some play time after lunch. It's a great playground, nice and big for LOTS of kids! My monkey liked climbing on everything he possibly could!

Chloe girl

Smiles all around!

We walked on the promenade down by the water where the kids found a wealth of cool stuff to look at. Alex found a shell with the animal still in it and did his big brother duty to make sure they other 2 got to see it.

This kid LOVES being outside!

Now where is my pocket...?

We stopped at Bomboy's for ice cream after walking on the promenade.. unfortunately it was farther down the road then ReRe thought. Oh well, the ice cream was worth it! :)
Me and Alex

Abraham and his chocolate cone

Kari and Chloe

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