Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Please Pray!

After experiencing some chest pain and discomfort on Saturday, my mom took my dad to the ER. They saw that his enzymes were high which we later found out meant that he had most likely had a mild heart attack. Dad was transferred to St. Josephs Hospital (one of the top in the state for heart related stuff). The doctors did a catheterization yesterday where they found numerous blockages in his heart. He is tentatively scheduled for bypass surgery today, but for sure by tomorrow morning. This is all very sudden for us all, including Dad who has been the picture of health up until Saturday. No one knew all this was happening.

However, we are seeing God's hand in it all. Had he not been doing some strenuous physical activity and been feeling badly, mom might not have taken him to the ER and it could have been much worse. Dad had NO symptoms of heart attack or anything. The doctor said that 35% of people like dad don't realize they have heart problems until they drop dead... so like I said it could have been 1,000 times worse.

We would covet your prayers during this time. It is certainly unnerving to see your Daddy in the hospital being readied for open heart surgery. Dad says he is at peace with it all -- of course this means no driving the Mustang for 3 weeks and he's pretty PO'd about that one!! :) He'll get over it!

PS-- just got word that they are taking Dad right now - 10AM Tuesday for surgery at noon! pray!!

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