Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fishing day in Havre de Grace

Okay so my sister is calling me the queen of fun things to do with the kids... not sure about that title, however a few weeks ago I did hear about this Fishing Day in Havre De Grace and signed all the kids up for it. It was put on by a local funeral home of all things and sponsored by the Lions Club. Each kid got their own fishing rod and had dibs at the pond which was stocked with fish.
We got there a bit late and caught zero fish but had a good time none the less! It was cool to have Michael along to help us with the wormies and to show Alex (and me and Kari!) how to cast the rods! Being able to spend time with 5 of my most favorite people on earth is heavenly!
Oh, and while my sis may have a nickname for me... I have one for her -- Queen of the Camera! She took some fantastic shots that day and I have "stolen" them for my blog. Sorry sis!

Chloe was a brave girl, holding the wormies!

Um... what IS in here??

They feel tickly on my hand! :)

Ohhh... it's a wormie!!

Papa showing his boy the fine art of fishing...

Abraham doing his own thing with his version of a fishing rod!! One of these days he'll fish with Daddy!

I must say I was pretty proud of my sis and Chloe for stepping outside of their girl comfort zone -- course I DID have to put the worms on the hooks for them both!! :) HA!

Me and my boy
(def. my sister's picture, and one to frame!)


Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

It looks like a fun day was had by all. Sorry you didn't catch anything. Sounds like our kind of fishing! It's good to know you are enjoying your summer vacation.

Garden Girl said...

Don't you just love the grin on Abraham's face when he says the worms are tickly?
You two make a great team! Looks like you had a beatiful day as well. A hard thing to find these days...
love you,