Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forgive me a minute whilst I TOOT my own horn!

About 12 weeks ago, the staff at my school started a Biggest Loser weight loss group, led by our gym teacher. So once a week, he had some sort of activity for us to do and then we were on our own with exercise for the rest of the week. We weigh in on Fridays and if we were the same or more than the previous week we owed $1. It was really motivating for me to have co-workers and friends to be doing it with me -- losing weight right along side of me.

We wrapped up this past Friday and I am pleased to say that I lost just over 10 lbs, and probably at least an inch or so all around! I have been much more active and motivated to get moving... more than I would have been on my own. I'm really grateful that our gym teacher started this!
A good friend of mine Mel, had been keeping up with me and my loss... she had been doing WW and was VERY successful. She encouraged me to sign up to do a 5K race with her. I fought it and fought it until I just decided that I had nothing to lose and everything to prove to myself. So this morning found me at the Bel Air Town Run, along with Mel and 3 other teachers from RFE.

Now, I'm not a runner but let me tell you... I ran more than I thought I would! I got through the whole first mile without stopping! But when I stopped and did my speed walking I heard a voice behind me cheering me on and telling me to keep moving. A girl that I knew from elementary school (actually she was in my sister's class -- her brother was in mine and was one of my good friends!) was behind me. Katy was so positive and encouraging that I KNOW she was the reason I ran as much as I did. It was nice to have her side by side with me.

My goal was to not die on the course :) to not crawl over the finish line and to do it in under an hour. Well, I did better than that! I didn't DIE and I actually ran over the finish line with a final time of 39:39 ! Yahoo!! Forgive me a minute if I toot my own horn -- GO ERINN, GO, GO, GO ERINN!!

Maybe I will be ready for the Under Armor Race in Baltimore in October!
I've got the finish line in sight!
(that's me in the middle, green shirt, hair flying!)

Yea... I'm not crawling across the finish line!

(although the time on the clock is 40:11, my net time was 39:39!!)

Thanks Mel! You ROCK!!

Katy and me
You ROCK too!

The crowd after the race - there were 1069 runners! I was #990!! HA!

RFE Represents! Mary Jane, Mary Lou, Donna and me
We all finished in less than 40 minutes! You GO ladies! :)


Garden Girl said...

Way to go E Noelle!!!!!! Great job!

Beth said...

way to go! that's awesome...i always need encouragement when it comes to running!!! that's what friends are for :)

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

You absolutely have the right to toot your own horn and I'm tooting mine for you too! Go Erinn, Go Erinn!! There were many more than 1069 racers. I was watching them bypass the finish line for some reason. Not quite sure why. You did a super job and I'm very proud. We will definitely be doing another soon!!

Kate said...

YAAAYY!!!! :D So stinkin proud of you!!! xoxo You do ROCK!!! I'm with you for Oct, k?!! :D