Saturday, January 24, 2009

My house is messy.

The TV is collecting dust while we speak.

The dishwasher is half emptied of the clean dishes that sat for 3 days waiting for soap.

The wash is quickly mounting up.

The floor has Cheerios, eggs, and pretzel crumbs ground into it, mainly in one (Abraham) spot!

The dust is nearing a half inch thick on my jewelry box.

The bathroom counter has scum and toothpaste all over it.

My sock drawer is over-flowing on to the floor in our bedroom.

The grocery shopping, no strike that... the grocery list is not made yet, therefore my family is eating soup and crackers until we have food in the house.

BUT... my boy KNOWS that he is loved! Abraham and I spent an hour at the library looking at books, playing in the train and learning his letters. We caught lunch at Target, got him a new pair of shoes, and the few items on our list. We spent time cuddlled on the couch watching his new movies from the "libary" and then in bed for a few minutes before falling off to sleep... him not me!

T - I - M - E That is how love is spelled to a 3 yr old. That is what he will remember... not the clean house or the food on the table. But that his mommy took the time to love on him. I don't always do this - I often get caught in the "have-to-do's" of mommyhood, wife-hood and student-hood. Let this be my reminder to stop and spend TIME with Abraham... and with Michael too.

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