Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm in love with my...

new Bissell vacuum!! I have never vacuumed so much in my life than I have this past weekend!!

So our old vacuum cleaner we got as a wedding present nearly 8 years ago. About 1 year ago it started getting clogged and blowing dust and it seemed that just about every other time I'd use it, I would have to take it apart to clean it. Well, we got fed up and this past weekend went and bought a new one.

Here comes the gross part -- the part that I'm fairly embarassed to post -- but I will anyhow!! I have been using carpet freshener recently to make the place smell good after vacuuming... however after vacuuming with my NEW BISSELL it was apparent to me that the old one had sucked up NONE of that powdery stuff. Oh my gosh, the amount of powder as well as dust bunnies that accumulated in my bagless vacuum was enough to make me SICK, literally SICK!! The thought of all the dust and stuff that I had been subjecting my family to made me ill.

Here are some pictures of my amazing NEW VACUUM and some of what the "crap" in the carpet looked like! Oh, and Abraham decided that he isn't afraid of the vacuum anymore and wanted to help me! Okay kid, anything you want!! :)
I'm truly in L.O.V.E!!

Abraham helps out -- He likes that it is quieter than the old one!

The white powder (freshener) that caked the inside of the container.

I'm gonna be sick... :{

Before cleaning the filters and container...

After cleaning...

I promised the vacuum that I would take good care of it as long as it takes good care of me. Michael laughed at me as I "talked" to the vacuum as I wiped it down and made it all shiny again! Sorry, but did I mention that I'm in LOVE??!! :}

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