Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekend with a friend

So last weekend my friend Laura came to visit. I posted about this earlier. We had a really good time together reconnecting, and reminiscing about old times. I picked her up on Friday in Washington DC and decided that we should see some sights until the traffic died down... needless to say we ended up almost in Falls Church, VA! Which isn't too hard to do down there but still... We went to the Inner Harbor on Saturday. Kari and the kids went with us too. We walked around Fort Mc Henry for a bit and then had lunch (which is a whole other post!) Then on Sunday we just chilled and watched movies and talked. We left earlier on Monday then we needed and just walked around DC for a while before her flight took off. It was a good weekend for me and I hope it was just as relaxing for her. Here are some pics from our weekend.

Reading with Laura

The kids in the Inner Harbor - it was really windy and cold!!

Playground with Laura

Playground with Laura

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