Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring pictures

Having a Picture People Portrait club card is great.. if you use it before it expires! Unfortunately, I'm not super good about doing this. The card is great - for each time you come in, you get a free 8x10 and $10 off a second sheet. It pays for itself in the first visit.

So I have had the card for nearly a year and hadn't used it at all. It expires in May - which means I have to get my moneys worth... and soon!

All that to say, Kari and I went this past Monday and got pictures of the kids done in their Easter finest. These are the 2 best shots of Abraham from the shot. Over all he was pretty good - considering that the appointment was right in the middle of his nap. By the time we got out of the mall it was after 4 and no nap. Can we just say, not a happy camper!!

Anyhow - I think I have talked Michael into getting a family picture done too before it expires... ahhh, leverage!! :)

Our sweet boy (2 1/2)

I did it!!!

Alex (6), Chloe (4)

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