Monday, March 10, 2008

For you Patty Sue!

On one of the blogs that I frequent often (Lawrenson family)had a mom post on there some of her wishes for Tricia, being a new mom. I wanted to join in on the fun so here are some of my favorite things from my mommy viewpoint.

1. When she is able to wear clothes and even the preemie clothes are too BIG!

2. When she passes her carseat test and is ready to come for the first time. Get the camera ready!

3. Midnight feedings and cuddling with Gwyneth - her little hands on your face or holding your fingers.

4. Tossing her in the air and getting a face full of... well you know what!! :) (This actually happened to me with my niece - thanks Chloe!!)

5. Watching her fall asleep on Nate and seeing them together.

6. Being the only one that can calm the frantic cries - sorry Nate!

7. Belly laughs when you do raspberries on her belly.

8. Watching her hit milestones the experts said would be slow in coming,ON TIME!

9. Hearing her say I love momma/pappa for the first time.

10. Having her carry a book to you, plop in your lap and declare "Read to you, Momma!"

11. Hearing her emphatically proclaim at the end of a prayer - "In Jesus name AMEN!

12. Having her pat your face when you are having a bad day and say "Don't cry Momma."

My sweet boy is just 2 years old and we have had so many amazing memories.. but I look forward to the next 2... 5... 10... 20 years with him. Watching him grow up to be a strong, independany, God-loving man will be such a gift to me. We are BLESSED!