Monday, October 19, 2009


Today was the first day for a new 2nd grader at our school. He is in the classroom right next to mine. His name is Jackson. Jackson has Downs Syndrome and is autistic. He spent most of his day in the Special Education room with an aide. I saw him in the hallway a few times and found myself staring at him. When I went to lunch, I stopped in the Special Education room. I stooped down and got myself on his level. (He is about the same size as Abraham). I said "Hi Jackson!" Jackson looked at me, got up and came over to me... and out of the clear blue, gave me the biggest bear hug around my neck. Oh my heart! I totally lost it within 5 seconds of his hug. I was in tears and had to remove myself from the room to compose myself. All I kept thinking about was my sweet Moses... this little boy could have very easily been him, with his light blonde hair, being petite... God allowed this sweet little boy, who is non-communicative, to communicate HIS love loud and clear to me. It was my touch of heaven today.
Thanks Father for the physical touch from Jackson today.

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Garden Girl said...

Your Father knows where you are on your journey.
He always will.