Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacation to Georgia

We enjoyed time with Michael's mom and some of his siblings. I don't think that a day went by when someone DIDN'T get in the pool with Abraham! He is such a water bug! Keeping him out of the pool was hard :)

Swimming with Grandma Kay

Just Chillin'!

Michael's brother Elliott became Abraham's new playmate! They were joined at the hip for most of our time there... and they BOTH loved it! Elliott and his girlfriend Stacy made the "mistake" (I think they meant to!) of mentioning Chuck E. Cheese to Abraham and ended up taking him for a little to play. It was so nice to watch Abraham spend time with his family, especially aunts and uncles that he rarely sees. Makes me wish we lived closer...

The poor cat got chased all around the house by Abraham. He even tried to read to the cat, and that seemed to work!

Elliott's girlfriend Stacy brought her dog Sabre with her. Sabre kept trying to eat Abraham's popsicle and Abraham wasn't having it!

Grandma Kay and Abraham - Grandma Kay took Abraham to his first 3D movie -Ice Age - and to Chuck E. Cheese also. They had a great day together while Michael and I got a day to ourselves. It was nice to get away just the 2 of us and know Abraham was loving on Grandma Kay! :)

Abraham with Grandma Kay and his Great Aunts Susan and Marianne

Aunt Emily and Bubba

Dinner with Emily, Stacy and Elliott

John, Susan Kay, Marianne and Michael

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