Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacation to Georgia and Florida

A week ago we got back from our time down south and it's taken me this long to get them up on the blog. Life has just caught up with us and well, we just were along for the ride.
But we did have a really nice time seeing family and enjoying a few days at the beach. Michael's Dad and his wife took us to St. George Island and Appalachiacola, FL. We have been before but it was before Abraham Gramie really wanted to have some time to play with Abraham on the beach. And play they did! Gramie is a GREAT beach partner!

Gramie and Abraham

Gramie, Grandpa and Abraham at St. George Island

Our little family on the beach

We did a little shopping too and found this place - Appalachiacola Sponge Company - and Abraham thought the old scuba gear was pretty interesting!

Grandpa and Abraham admire the pelican :)

Silly boy!

Someone tell that kid you are supposed to SMILE when you are having your picture taken! Sheesh! Such a goof ball! :)

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