Monday, April 27, 2009

March for Babies - April 26, 2009

Abraham, my sister Kari and I spent Sunday remembering Moses' life and thanking the Father for the blessing of both boys lives. We particpated in the annual March for Babies walk, raising money for the March of Dimes. This is one of the causes that our family supports fullly because of the personal connection we have with it. It is because of the research and studies that MOD has done that we were able to be informed NICU parents. We are grateful for the MOD and the work that they do to help lower the number of preemies born in the USA.

God gave us a BEAUTIFUL day to walk -- in the 80's and sunny! Abraham contentedly rode in his "limo" stroller, so graciously provided by his KK, for the 4+ miles that we walked. This is something that the 3 of us do together every year - making memories as we walk. It is a sweet time for me to spend with my Bubba and my best friend!
**KK took better pictures and I will post them later...
Abraham with our poster this year.
To honor Moses and To celebrate Abraham

Celebrating Abraham's life

TONS of walkers

Enjoying time with KK

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