Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter from the Ragans!

Flowers outside my kitchen window

One of the prettiest things about living here is these trees in the spring! I love how they look! When they start blooming I know that spring is coming!

We took a ride down to the river and walked on the trail for a bit on Easter before heading to my mom's house for dinner. Hit the playground of course and we kicked around Abraham's new soccer ball too. He's pretty good kicking! That should make all his aunts happy!

Personally,, I like the hat over the eyes!! Usually the hat ends up on the ground!

Look guys, I found a ... STICK!!

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Garden Girl said...

Wow! I feel as though I have caught up with your little family!
Glad you took advantage of those fine days we had!
thanks for posting so many great shots of everyone!
Love you