Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keep Praying

I am here tonight to ask you to keep praying with me for a number of things. First of all is sweet little Stellan. He had his very risky heart surgery today and came through it okay. I read McKMomma's post and there is a lot of medical terminology in it -- if you want to know the nitty gritty you can go to her blog yourself -- but the pictures of Stellan afterwards say it all. He is still with us and fighting as hard as ever. Take a moment tonight and thank God for the blessing He has given us in our children -- may we never take it for granted if they are healthy and happy.

Next, Tricia has been admitted to Duke with pneumonia. She had not been feeling quite right and got checked out in the ER. They admitted her and are taking care of her. this of course is not the best thing for someone a year out of a double lung transplant and having CF. Any type of sickness really is dangerous for her and takes a toll on her body. Please pray for Tricia and her health.

These two families are ones that I have "met" in the blogging community, but a bit closer to home is a family from school whose son is in my class. The mom a while back had breast cancer and was treated for it and healed. However the chemo, from what I understand, that treated the cancer, then caused her to get leukemia. She was super sick 2 years ago and then went into remission. They found out about 2 months ago that it is back. It has been a real struggle, as you can imagine, on the family specifically on Dad and the 2 boys (3rd grade and 1st grade).

Yesterday I was blessed to have a 15 minute conversation with the dad as I was coming out of school. I asked him "How are you holding up?" and waited for an answer. Bless his heart, he just wore his heart on his sleeve. This dear brother in Christ is clinging desperately to the truth of God's Word and claiming that for himself and his family -- but the struggle it is to watch the one you love be sick you can't do anything about it, is just heart wrenching. Please keep the Uebersax family in your prayers.

Thinking about all that is going on around me with others lives, makes me think back to a time where I lived off of the prayers of God's children. There was a time, not so long ago, where it was all I could do was put one foot in front of the other. Where my mind just couldn't think straight. Where my heart ached like it had been stabbed a million times. BUT GOD -- in His grace and mercy met me in the middle of that heartache and touched me like no one else could. And because others continually kept us before the Throne of Grace, I will do the same for others who are hurting, scared, and lonely. What you have been given, give back to others.

Thank you in advance for remembering these families with me.

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