Wednesday, April 23, 2008

March of Dimes 2008

Momma and Abe ready to go

This past Sunday my sister, Kari, Abraham and I walked in the March for Babies for the 3rd year. It is something that has become a tradition with us. Each year we look forward to spending the day together, remembering Moses and Abraham and the miracle that they are. You know, Moses went home to be with Jesus 2 weeks before Kari came home from the mission field so she was never able to see him, hold him, or enjoy him. It makes me sad that she didn't get to do any of these things. But as we participate in this amazing cause together, along with hundreds of other people - from all walks of life - because they have been touched by the birth of a premature baby --- we rejoice and celebrate Moses' short life here on earth and we joyfully look forward to that day when we will be reunited with him.

They had a few things that were new this year. One was a big banner that they asked you to sign to mark who you were walking for. The other was a table where you could write a note of encouragement to families that are currently in the NICU at a local hospital. What fantastic ideas these are!! Someone really thought about how the March of Dimes could impact families even more.

As I did both of these activities, I had a tear in my eye thinking of my sweet boy. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about him - I see him in my sweet boy Abraham - I wonder about what could have been when I see other Downs Syndrome children - I smile when I look at his pictures and remember what a trouble maker he was in the NICU! Those days that we had with him are more than many parents have with their preemies. I treasure those days and the memories we were able to build with him. I still cry for him, for me really. The pain subsides but the memories are still alive in my heart.

Momma loves you Moses, my angel! Forever and ever and always - to the moon and back!

KK and Abraham enjoying the day together.

The end of our 5 mile walk - what a great way to kick off my spring exercise!! :)

Each year I make a poster for the walk. This year I added a new face. Gwyneth Rose is the daughter of Nathan and Tricia Lawrenson. You can check out their link on the side of this page.

I can hold the hammer myself!

Momma and Abraham playing games


Mel said...

I always love these pictures. Maybe next year I can come over and walk with you all.

Kate said...

This is def one of the highlights of each year for me...thank you for letting me join in on this special day! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! xoxo

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!