Friday, February 1, 2008

"Snow" Day fun with the cousins

So, yea a snow day... since we are in the apartment, and there are only so many places to play, Abraham and I went to Mimi's to play with Alex and Chloe. Abraham rarely gets to interact with Alex and he just loves him. We went over and the 3 of them played together. They really get along wonderfully, most of the time!!! :) Abraham thought it was the most hilarious thing that they were "zurburting" his belly. He kept saying, "You do it Chloe. You do it Momma. You do it Alex!" It was too cute! We had a good time spending time with family. And Kari and I got to just sit and talk - which is something we rarely get to do, unless we have a Starbucks run... which is something we are in need of doing again, right sis!? Anyhow, we are so blessed to have family close by, especially for Alex and Chloe and Abraham to have a chance to play together. Kari and I never had any cousins so I just think it is the coolest thing for them to have that relationship. Thank the Father for family!

Fun with the cousins


Belly kissing/tickling with Abraham!


Kate said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE much fun for the much fun for us to watch! I love it when you come and hang out with us, sis! I wouldn't trade these times for a million sunsets on a million beachs! I love you guys!! xoxox

Garden Girl said...

Glad you all have cameras so the rest of us can share your kodak moments with you!