Saturday, October 27, 2007

Visit to Happy Valley - aka. Penn State Land

Mommy, Abraham and JoePa

Abraham and the "footfall" players!

Daddy, Abraham and JoePA

Last weekend we went up and visited the State College area. Michael fly fishes up here all the time and has always said how beautiful it is. I wanted to see for myself so we checked it out. It is about 3 hours north of us and was a beautiful drive through the mountains. There isn't much around State College... lots of farm land and open space. But the Nittany Mountains - what more could you ask for? They are postcard perfect! We checked out the river and a fishery (which Abraham was more interested in swimming in then seeing the fishies!)
It was just a nice time to be a family and to hang out. We don't get much time like that.
Oh yea, in case you are wondering - JoePa is Joe Paterno who is the head football coach for Penn State. He is like a god up there. Donated tons of money to PSU. He has coached for 42 seasons in a row... there isn't much more room on the memorial for his season plaques. He'll have to retire soon I guess!

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