Saturday, October 27, 2007

Penns Cave - Centre Hall, PA

While we were in PA we stopped at Penns Cave. This is one of the local attraction(they don't have many!!)It was pretty neat for Michael and I but Abraham was not too sure about the boat ride. Penns Cave is an underground cave that is filled with water. You get in a flat bottomed boat that the tour guide drives. There were a couple places where we came really close to hitting heads but all in all it was ok. Course when the lights went out, and everyone was quiet, you could hear Abraham's little voice echoing "I done!" We were quite the comedy act! He actually did better than I thought he would. It was an afternoon well spent.

Daddy and Abraham on the boat

Inside the cave

Headed out to Lake Nittany

The other side of the hole - on Lake Nittany

Mommy with Abraham

Daddy and Abraham

Postcard Perfect - Absolutely GORGEOUS!!

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