Sunday, January 7, 2007

Christmas visit to Georgia

Playing with Aunt Em and Beth

Lounging with Great Aunt Marianne

Great Aunt Susan and Abraham

I love my Grandma Kay!!
Aunt Kathryn and I played LOTS when I visited Georgia!

I had so much fun in Georgia with Daddy's family. I got to take my first ride on an airplane. Mommy picked GREAT seats for us on the flight down. I got to sit RIGHT next to where the ladies were fixin' the drinks so the lights let me see it all! I loved the noise of the engines too... we were sitting right by them! I didn't sleep at all.. there was too much to see!

I spent the first part of our time with Grandpa Tony and Gramie. We got a Christmas tree and decorated it. Then when Grandpa and I were playing I pulled it down, right on his head! I thought it was very funny! I got to see my Great Aunts and cousins in the Ragan side of the family too. We spent part of Christmas Day with them and then went back to Grandma Kay's house. Poor Mommy was sick the WHOLE time we were with Gramie and Grandpa.

We spent the next few days with Grandma Kay and Grandpa John and all my aunts and my uncle. I LOVED playing with Kathryn so much! She was fun. And I got to see Great Aunts Susan and Marianne. Poor Daddy was sick most of the time we were with them. But I just loved being with my grandparents and loving on them... and them loving on me.

Our airplane ride home was better than on the way down. I actually got my own seat.. not that I needed it since I fell asleep in Mommy's arms and slept most of the flight. I think that Mommy and Daddy were happy about that!

All in all it was a really good trip. I hope that I get to fly again soon! Before my 2nd birthday so that I'm free! :)

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