Sunday, January 7, 2007

Christmas in Maryland... a bit late!

Mimi and Abraham looking at the pretty lights

Abraham and Momma

Mimi and Abraham

Chloe loves Uncle Mike and thinks he is hilarious! Tonight Mike pretended to put his eyeball in his mouth... which grossed Alex out but Chloe wanted to see it and was very intent on him taking it out of his mouth to show her. Poor girl.. blonde roots I guess!

Tonight we went to my mom's for dinner and to have our "Christmas" with my family. We openend gifts and just spent family time together. We really are blessed to live so close to them and to be able to see them just about whenever we want. I think that I take this for granted so often. Lots of people don't have this priviledge. I'm so grateful for my parents and the love and care that they have for us... just because we are 30 + years old doesn't mean you stop being your parents children! And to be able to share time with Joel and Kari and these 2 precious kids... I wouldn't have it any other way!

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