Thursday, November 30, 2006

Playground playtime

Hangin' with Aunt K
Abraham, Momma and Alex playing at Plum Tree Park

Isn't this the cutest picture??!!
A few weeks ago Abraham and I met my sister and her 2 kids at a park in town. This park is called Plum Tree Park and it is the park that mom and dad used to take Kari and I to when we were younger. It is a bit strange to be taking our kids to the same place we played as kids. They still have 2 of the jungle gyms that we climbed on! The kids loved every second of it! Both Alex and Chloe wanted to swing and slide with Abraham. What a blessing for me and for Abe to have family around to spend time with and "play" with! Abraham sure loves his cousins and his Aunt K!

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Kari said...

Auntie K and Alex and Chloe LOVE LOVE LOVE to spend time and play with Abraham and Re Re!!!!! :) What a super fun day together we had...may we have many more of those days!