Monday, November 2, 2009

Ahoy Matey! Trick or Treating 2009

We had one busy weekend this past weekend. Grandma Kay and Grandpa John came up to visit for Abraham's birthday. They arrived early Saturday morning and we got to spend some good times with them. Kay went with Abraham and I trick or treating with our friends, The May's. Other than being rained on, we had a great time together!
Nicholas, James and Abraham

ARGHHH! Ahoy Matey!

Abraham tuckered out about 45 minutes into trick or treating. Here he is sitting on this woman's stoop, picking out candy! :)

Grandma Kay braved the rain with us -- she's a good Grandma! :)

The May's cute puppy Molly kissing Abraham

Is this not the CUTEST little pirate ever??


Garden Girl said...

What a great costume! It suits him to a t,E!
the photo of the dog kissing him.
You MUST enter it at the farm fair, even the state fair! Wonderful shot!
thanks for sharing your bubba!
love you

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

So cute! My son was a clone trooper! He's all about Star Wars...=)